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Lee Ferguson
The Lee Ferguson Woodcarvers' Knife.....Some really remarkable things come in small packages...... perform as advertised, and are a delight to behold and to use. Lee Ferguson's carving knives fall into this category..... I first encountered the Ferguson knife in a -Sources of Supplies- feature. Handcrafted from tool steel, Rosewood handles...Lee's knives are beautifuly finished, edges razor sharp and ready for use. They are proportioned pleasingly (and to my way of thinking properly) with comfortable, fist-sized handles. yet are graceful in appearance and a joy to hold. The smoothly contoured rosewood handles allow for hours of use without producing either fatigue or "hot spots" on the carving hand where it exerts pressure on the knife handle. It is obvious that Ferguson put much thought into designing the knife handles. As mentioned, the handles are of generous enough size to permit a full -fist-sized- grip. yet are smoothly tapered toward the blade so that for fine work or in tight corners the knife may be gripped in the fingers, as one would hold a pencil or an X-Acto knife. The angle of the haft at the tang is such that one can position the blade of his small knife to within 7 or 8 degrees of horizontal and still make a cut. The versatility of these knives is amazing. The 2.25-inch blade will "hog out- wood", right up there with the knives of considerably more heft bulk,while the smaller 1 and 1.5-inch blades can do fine detail work usually assigned to surgeon's scalpels and other knives with needle-like points.