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Over 15 years of business architecture experience in industry and education with emphasis on enterprise architecture, planning and program management.  Extensive experience in system engineering, business process re-engineering and project management.




MILLENNIUM SERVICES, Lincroft, NJ                                                 02/12/2001- 03/15 2001


Lucent Inventory Visibility Project   Feb. 12, 2001 to March 15, 2001 Consultant

Ÿ         Developed methodology for measuring the efficiency levels of the current supply chain process. Modeled both the current and future supply chain processes and recommended tactical changes that could bring immediate benefits to Optical Networking group general managers and their product units. Project terminated due to lack of funding.

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES CIO, Warren, NJ                                                  1998-12/31/2000


Business Architect (Enterprise Planning)                                                  

Ÿ         Demonstrated, to the Strategy Planning & Architecture CIO senior management team, the value of and how to initiate an Enterprise Architecture Planning Program as the foundation of an over all strategy of “Business Agility”. Made additional key contributions to the “Plug and Play” and “Mergers & Acquisitions” business strategies from an IT resource alignment perspective, resulting in new business organizations to address those issues.

Ÿ         Wrote the “Enterprise Architecture Flexibility and Extended Business Model” Strategy.  This strategy is the corner stone of  Lucent Technologies future business plans.

Ÿ         Established a community of practice within the Application Architecture group, one of the four major information architectures in an enterprise architecture planning strategy.

Ÿ         Demonstrated the need for and participated in the selection of an enterprise repository tool (Mega International).

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES NETWORK SYSTEMS, Whippany, NJ                     1997-1998


Business Data Manager (System Engineering)

Provided for the International  information requirements of four Business Managers resulting in an efficient product management program.

Ÿ         Automated the reporting and information distribution processes using a combination of MS Excel and Visual Basic programming tools.  Resulting in 10% more effective product life cycle decision-making.












Manager, Marketing Information Database (Project Manager)

Provided guidance and leadership in the construction of the Business Universe File (BUF) database, insuring that all development processes were performed on time, within budget & with quality. Issued RFP’s, evaluated all vendors, developed statements of work and negotiated each vendor contract.

Ÿ         Maintained a working relationship with Dun & Bradstreet, American Business Information, AT&T BCS, Unibase Direct and Lucent Technologies field representatives.  Providing greater accuracy when developing customer profiles and targeting product markets.

Ÿ         Demonstrated fiscal responsibilities by managing an operational budget of $600K and saving approximately $150K in operating costs in 1995, $100K in 1996 and more than $300K in 1997.

AT&T BELL LABORATORIES, Whippany, NJ                                                                    1993


Manager, Systems Implementation Team (Project Manager)

Completed the development and installation of an order entry system.  Making it possible to automate the provisioning of cell site equipment to telephone operating companies throughout the world.

AT&T BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SERVICES, Sommerville, NJ                    1992-1993


Manager, Quality Assurance (Business Process Re-engineering)

Responsible for insuring the quality of products delivered to customers of the AT&T 800 number services.

Ÿ         Installed a new application development process for the Customer Trouble Report (CTR) system, which was approved by the Directors of both the inbound and outbound service groups.  Reducing cycle time by 15% for development efforts and improved product quality.

Ÿ         Implemented the PROTERM software test tool, automating regression testing, adding speed and accuracy to regression testing of new software releases for the CTR system.

Ÿ         Introduced a new library management process to CTR by implementing the PACTRAC system for library control and tracking of code.  This improved communication and coordination between development managers and staff.

AT&T American Bell and Consumer Products, Parsippany, NJ                               1982-1992


Project Manager, Business Systems Development (Systems Engineering)

As Manager of the AT&T New Tools and Technologies group, I enter acted with Senior Management on issues relating to the deployment of technology resources in support of the Business Mission Statement. I also chaired the committee for the development of a Standard Operating Environment at AT&T data centers. I provided leadership for the evaluation of new technologies, their implication for the business and their impact on current operating systems and networks. I also issued RFP’s, evaluated vendors, wrote comprehensive Statements of Work   and was responsible for the development, testing, implementation and maintenance of numerous systems supporting every aspect of the telecommunication business.





Technical training:  Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Systems Engineering

Master’s Certification in Project Management, Steven’s Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ

MS, Computer Science, Fairleigh Dickenson University, Teaneck, NJ

BS, Business Administration, S.U.N.Y., Oswego, NY

BA, Sociology, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY