StOoPiD pIcTuReS!

This here is pretty much our clan.....

But I don't know why they refused to put me in the pic...

Can you say Mezza-Bruciatta?

Greco rolling a bat.

Can you say fried?!?

Picture says it all!

Chiquita Bananas

JD showing off his freshly raped ass.

He's been busting balls to get some pics of him on the site!

So here's a second one of him...

And a third...

And here's Mike with 29 pssent

"Tayg A Pigchur"

"Fuggin shhhit yeah"

"Wanna play Ide en go zeeg?"

"Rhabblaack blacickd raarriaaa... yeah ha ha"

Close your mouth nigger!

Be afraid.... be VERY AFRAID!

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