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Itchen Athletic Football Club - Division 2 champions!!!

This is the web site of Itchen Athletic Football Club We are a six a side football team that plays in the Pitch invasion league at Southampton's wellington sports ground on wednesday nights. we play every week in a division of 8 teams that play eachother once over a 8 week mini-season. We are currently playing in the premier division after being promoted at only the second attempt. The team was formed in September 2003 and was for the first ever mini-season called The Corporation FC. But the novelty of that name wore off after about..2 seconds!! and so it was decided that the name should be changed and Itchen Athletic was the best idea. The team is made up of a group of freinds that attend (or should attend) Itchen college. We take this competition very seriously as we are out to get medals, but we always try to have fun. (and get in a good goal celebration!!) Also our goal is to simply get as many trophies as possible!!!

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