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i C B
We could've made it if you'd stayed a bit
you could've got me lit we could've played a bit
but now look at this shit again you had to split
was is something I did why won't you admit it's
too complicated - to be united

Constantly fighting the thinking the writing
yo running and hiding has gots me deciding
on doing the right thing the curse is the issue
I cannot share with you see now what can we do?
so complicated - I fukin hate it

Too worn to deny it too stoned and too tired
not being inspired to light up that fire
my only desire let mary fly higher
a crutch to rely on you won't find me cryin'
so damn complicated - and no one will say it

No ink can draw darkness as black as my heart is
coz you never can guess what I can not confess
it feels like a damn mess it causes much damn stress
with no way to express no hope and no god bless
too complicated - I won't fake it.