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Let's go back... way back...
- An archaelogical excursion through paint fumes

Some time during the first centure Ad, I was exploring far lands.
I had brought provisions and tools and was prepared for a multitude of situations.

After heading towards the sun for about 20 minutes I arrived at a place called by
the name of the Field of Mark in the London Ham of Totten.

The natives were fierce as they'd been fighting the invading Romans lately but as
I knew how to fare peacefully amongst them, I remained on friendly footing with them.

I discovered some ancient markings, there were some interesting native designs.
I made rubbings and will study them further and catalogue them at a later date.

I looked for a place for me to leave my trans-centuristic message to future explorers
and found an area where scriptures had been inscribed and symbols and patterns had
been marked and painted onto walls by other travelling visual explorers.

I found an are where a particular unfortunate individual had tried to mark his spot.
At least he gave it a go.

Probably his master and tutor would have given him a scolding for the wastage
of paint, which was costly and precious even back in Roman times.

I settled with a favourite design of mine; the i C B of eternal happiness, peace and love,
as it was a summer's day.

And as by magick...

...the message on the wall...

...started to materialise...

Representing in blues, greens and a bit of pink.

(...I'm still not convinced about those pink drips...)

When I returned to my familiar homestead I ate and drank:

Crunchy berry mix
Thai green stirfry
Mange touts
Mixed sprouts
Goat's cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Apple & Elderflower juice
Clotted cream
Strawberry jam
Black cherries

yum yum

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