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  • My Day off... Markfield, North London July 2006

It was my day off. It was sunny and I had a lot of random dregs to spend and to be honest I haven't done a proper piece for a long while so I need the practice.

I went to Markfield in South Tottenham in London. Its a friendly place that is used by bmxers and graffers in perfik harmony.

It used to be an old train depot back in Napoleonic times or something. Now 'The Station' is a community youth centre.

It's well used; while I was there I met two other writers and 3 bmxers. I never spoke to the first writer I saw, but this is what he did:

Piece July 11 06

I'm not sure if he's 'CADE' or 'RANDOM' or if that's crews or whatever...excuse my ignorance, props anyhow...

The second writer I met arrived shortly before I left. He had just arrived from Oz two days ago but a seasoned writer (old like me). I forget what he said his name is...(soz)

So yeah, I did this...

...and then this, coz I still had quite a bit os paint left...

...I didn't bring enough skinny caps thou which made it a bit of a bodge but I'm glad I got the practice in.

Graffin like this is almost meditative. I thought about so much stuff and got a brilliant work-out as well.

This is how my shoulders looked at the end of the day.

...And ladies; graffing is excellent against fact, graffing is the best exercise ever. As especially recommended by Doctor Gillian McKeith.

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