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Hoaxes, Scams, & Con Artists
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Links  Lists some of Victor Lustigs Cons.  A short biography of Victor Lustig.  Book tickets and take a tour of Alcatraz.  Photo gallery of Alcatraz.  Tourist information about San Francisco area.  The History of Alcatraz. Diagrams of the jail and cells.  Official site of the Eiffel Tower.  The latest news, facts, figures, and photo galleries.  New photos of the Eiffel Tower daily. French souvenirs.  A compilation of famous quotes.  Search by Author of keywords.  A brief history of the Czech republic Linksto hoaxes  Link to internet hoaxes and urban myths.   Link to fraud awareness and investigations. Great escapes from prisons and countries. Historic escapes from the Brown County Jail in Texas.


Created by:  Sam Sanabria and Tracey Selby