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Hazam Media owned by Hamish Lang Media Designs 2003 



The First Poster That I designed Probable the Simplest as I didn't have many Ideas.


Playing around with a few effects and Gave it a very old parchment look.


My favorite It is very detailed and is what most of the others look like.


Added a Lens flare to the Previous Poster Looks cool and Cheesy!

Matrix Green

All though not the Original Color Scheme this one is my FAVORITE this is the coolest I think


Just Some small adjustments made-- added a nice texture and Changed text.

Moon Blue

Just an Alternate color concept.




Here are Three of My Concepts which stay to your original Specifications

Note that all Pictures can be altered in any way that you may desire


These Pictures Cannot Be used without Permission From The Owner Hamish A Lang" I'm only 15 don't steal my Pictures!"