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2004 Results

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2004 Tentative Pro-stock Schedule

(Updated 1/20)

2003 Results

2003 Un-Official ATPA Grand American Points (Updated 9/13)

Green Extreme  T-Shirts and Hats now available


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Tim Kissel, a close family friend and member of the Green Extreme pulling team, passed away while planting corn on June 2nd.  He was a true fan of tractor pulling and farming and will be sorely missed.  This page and season are dedicated to him.


*Updated 1/20/04 - Green Extreme finishes 6th in the Saturday Evening session at the ATPA Winter Nationals in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  See the results links for more results from Ft. Wayne.  We are currently in preparations for the NFMS in Louisville, KY February 11-14th. We are competing in the Wednesday Night session.  A tentative 2004 Pro-Stock schedule has also been added.*



CDS Pro-stock Turbocharger, 4.6 Billet Wheel, Big Compressor Housing.  This is not the turbo with the latest exhaust wheel.  Asking $4250


Firestone 24.5 Single Cut Ag Tires-  Only used at NFMS and Ft. Wayne, less than 10 runs on the tires. Asking $1250 - SOLD


For more information on the above contact Mike Sarver at 812-309-0535 or email at  We can deliver to Ft. Wayne or NFMS

*Green Extreme T-Shirts and Hats now available.  Click the link at the left for more information*

(Photo Courtesy of Photo Joe)   

Hi. My name is Bobby Sarver. Thank you for visiting my page.  Let me tell you a little bit about our team. We are from a small town in southwestern Indiana called Richland. I am 23 years old and am working at Jasper Engines and Transmissions.  My dad, Mike, is a grain farmer.  My mom, Ellen, is a AP Biology teacher at South Spencer High School.  I have two younger brothers.  Tim is 20 and Jimmy is 17.  Tim is a junior at Purdue University and is majoring in Ag Systems Management.  Jimmy is a junior at South Spencer High School.  We got into tractor pulling in 1992 when my dad purchased the Happe Brother's Hoosier Smoker.  We had to change the name after an announcer made the comment, "Bobby Knight must be proud".  This didn't sit well with us since we are avid Purdue fans.  Well that winter we rebuilt the tractor and ran it the next season without a name.  Then disaster struck.  While at a pull at Connersville, IN the tractor came out of gear at about 100 feet.  Everything that could go wrong did.  Everything from the engine to the transmission was junked.  We decided not to rebuild immediately and to wait till that winter.  Since the majority of the parts from our first tractor were junk, we decided to build a new tractor from the ground up.  With the help of Lance Little of Tantrum Enterprises, Green Extreme was born.  We actually got the name from a video game that we had.  Dad saw the box of the game and on it was the word Extreme.  It was printed the same was as it looks on the tractor today.  We have been pulling Green Extreme ever since.  Our crew consists of several people.  My Dad, brother and I share the majority of the driving duties, but from time to time you will see other faces in the seat.  A family friend, Jeff Newcom will drive from time to time.  You may also see Jimmy start pulling in the near future.  Of course none of this would have been possible without the help of several people.  The Masterson's for all their help and knowledge.  Columbus Diesel and Riverside Engines for all the great help.  But most of all we would like to thank all the fans, because without fans there wouldn't be any tractor pulls.




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