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Graeylin's 1/6th pages
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End of an Era

The 1/6th World of Graeylin

The 1/6th world is the world most people know as "GI Joe". But, in the 21st Century, it is much much more than that. The 12" action figure world has exploded, with items to interest fans of military, law enforcement, science fiction, anime, movies, history, and famous people. Typically, these pages will focus on History and Military themes, but keep in mind that the ideas I have here can be used in ANY thematic area.

If you are interested in more information about the 1/6th world, becoming involved, getting ideas, trading with others, or just curious about the people who play with these toys, check out my links page (once it's built!)  It contains the best selection of links to the top sites in the hobby.  Be sure and drop in there, and explore, and visit the many places and people in the hobby!  

For the best of the best in 1/6th boards, check out Green Leader's pages

This site last updated on November 4th 2004!  

This site:
You will find this site set up into several major areas. The first two areas are showcases of my Japanese soldiers and Scottish figures. Most of these figures are kitbashed from historical information, and cover a huge range of time periods.  Inside the Japanese pages are my Imperial Japanese Army and Navy personnel, as well as a historical look at Ancient Japanese Samurai Warriors.  Also in the Japanese section is a small research page dedicated to the versatile Arisaka rifle, the mainstay of the IJA in WWI and WWII.  

In the Scottish section, I show off my historical Scots, from ancient Celts to Border Reivers, Black Watch to a modern day Scottish Dragoon in Iraq.  

A second portion of the site is a showcase of all my OTHER figures, everything from knights and centaurs to German soldiers, K9 handlers, and my Femme Fatales.  Everything I have done that is NOT Japanese or Scottish is featured here.  Be sure to check it out as well.

In the Diorama section, I highlight several of the dioramas I have built, with some tips and tricks on how to create your own, how to kitbash, and what you can do to get your imagination in gear and start having fun. I also include a page on special diorama pieces that I make for trade, so if you see something on the site you like, chances are I can make it for you too.

The last section contains a links page to other sites across the web, and I include some pages on Trading safely, and My want and Trade list (updated frequently).  

Lastly, I have a page about a wonderful organization that I belong to, called RESCUE.

About Me
I was drawn back into the 1/6th world as an escape from depression. I spotted a 21st Century German Soldier at the store, and immediately fell back into the hobby. I was not content with merely buying the figures and storing them on the shelves, I needed an outlet for my imagination.

That is how I started "Kitbashing" them into various other figures. Kitbashing is really nothing more than an extension of the playing we did with our Joes as a kid, with a healthy cross of model-building.

I started my focus on two main areas, Japanese Troops and Scottish Soldiers, primarily because of my history and heritage, and secondly because at the time, no company was making any figures in those arenas.


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