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Bit torrent




Bittorent is a file shareing process which requires a user to upload and download. 

First you must download a .torrent file, this file starts the download.

To get the file to work you must have a Bittorrent Client.

There is a link to the site where you can download the Client below. 

Once you have both the torrent and the bittorrent client double click the torrent file. 

This will prompt you to save the file in a certain directory

The download will start, when the window stays finish you're done.

If you need to resume your download simply click the torrent file again and choose the same directory.

The site or place you download your torrent file from should tell you the number of seeds

this is the number of people who are uploading the file so you can download it

If there are zero seeds your download will not complete.

To download the bittorent client go here --->








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