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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Tim @ 5:45p.m.

Hi! Again, sry 4 not writing 4 a long time. I got grounded & un-grounded, & that kept happening 4 a whole wk! Anyway, on Wednesday (just remembered), I was late too many times & had 2 b sent 2 the Dep. Principal. I didn't wanna get detention (DA!!), so I said that I was late cuz I went 2 the doctor. Yes, I know, I told a lie! But that LITTLE lie saved my butt! Of course, they asked 4 a note from the doc. That's when my mom had 2 go 2 the doctor & get him 2 lie too!! Our doctor is really nice, so he have my mom a note. I was jumping 4 joy!! If he wouldn't have given us a note, the school would have given me detention 4 lying too!! Double or triple even!! Ummm....i guess that's it 4 now...

Catch u guyz later!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Tim @ 4:20p.m.

Hello!! Sry I haven't benn writting 4 a while. I couldn't go on the net. I haven't been up 2 anything lately, but I'll keep u guyz posted! Cheer up Lily!! Stuff Elvis's bro! He doesn't know who he's dealing with! And 2 think he liked u b4!! Lol!! Anywayz, I gotta jet!


Sunday, August 25, 2003

Tim @ 7:33p.m.

Hello! I was supposed 2 go 2 a wedding 2day, but I canceled! It's way too cold. & don't have anything 2 wear too!! Imagine if somebody walked into a wedding wearing a mini denim skirt, while everyone else were in their fancy dresses! & a black tank-top & sparkling, black, all-night-party jacket, while everyone else were in their finest coats & suits!! & black, ankle-high boots, when everyone else were in their high-heels!! & a simple silver back-pack, while everyone else were carrying their pwecious, gurly handbags!! They would have been fancy & formal, & i would have been normal & informal!! I was planning 2 wear all that cuz all my other jeans & stuff were in the wash, or on the line. Imagine if I went in with baggy jeans & a big jumper!! Weddings just rn't the place 4 tomboys!! My sister couldn't go either & she threw a spaz! She went bizerk!! She loves weddings & she can't wait 2 have 1 of her own! (she's only 9!!) Hmmmmm.....i guess that's it 4 now...



Saturday, August 24, 2003

Tim @ 12:00a.m.

Hey!! Finally! Today we went grocery shopping & we bought soda! Yay!! I actually wanted 2 go grocery shopping!! I haven't had any soda 4 about a wk now!! I still can't have any cuz I'm sick! Bummer! Uh...oh yeah! Our satellite dish isn't working cuz either the wind's moving it, or the card's stuffed up. This guy was supposed 2 cum over yesterday & fix the problem whatever it was, but we had 2 cancel cuz we wanted 2 go out. But then again....I've missed out on a wks' worth of cartoons!! I'm going mad!! 4 a midnight snack I had pizza & ice-cream!! Believe it! Sounds more like lunch 2 me!! & the other day I had noodles & ice-cream! Does it get any weirder than this?!!There's a horror movie on now, but I really wanna work on this. I keep changing the subject, don't I? Oh, well. Ummmm....what am I supposed 2 say?! Well, I've been having a really bad wk at school. In science, I broke a test-tube in the sink & cut my finger, got my finger jammed in my locker (ouch!!), missed the bus, got screamed at nearly a million times! & there's just soooo much more that I can't remember! Too many bad things happening all in 1 go. At home I got really pissed off, chatting (DA!!). I'm still new 2 all this blog making business stuff, so plz don't tell me that this stinks, cuz I know it does. But I'll definitely work on it! Hope u don't mind the bad spelling & typing. Goodnight!! (or morning should I say?!!)


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