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(sign at carolina center)

Howdy yall. Nah I am just playing around. Well, lets see. I was born in the boring city of El Paso, Texas sometime in May, and when I mean boring I mean boring. Those plywood pushers get every thing they ask for and only want it for themselves. But what about the bikers? Nothing. Well anyways, I got my first bike when I was 3 and didnít finally ride it till I was 4. During my childhood years I played t-ball for like 3 years I guess. Then I started playing football when I was about 9. I played till I got to 12 years old. All the practice in swinging the bat and hitting people got me ready to play hockey. Yes, hockey in the Sun City. I have played hockey for 7 years straight. Never a off-season. I played roller or in-line hockey for 7 years and ice for 3. Ice hockey has to be the best. I suffered many concussions and sore muscles but nothing is worse than playing without a cup. I never got hit but it was still scary. Especially tournament hockey, which was fun. My team the El Paso Tigers or originally the West Tex Tigers have been the best bunch of guys and girls I have ever known. I respect my coach Richard for everything he has done for me. You can check out the web site at and see what we have done. This past year was my last year playing and took up bike riding again. I have a eastern Hercules with some haro cranks and forks. Handlebars off of a specialized with some demolition grips. The fsa pig sealed headset, primo rod seat post and a demolition seat post clamp. I have alex double wall rims on some specialized hubs. A 16 tooth ACS freewheel and a t-1 sprocket with a 1/8 KMC chain. The seat and the tires are off a specialized. I had a specialized 415 Fat boy fsx before. Hopefully in the coming years my friends and I can make our own bike company.