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    Well for my future i guess i want to be a welder. I'll probably go to Western Technical Institute. As for being a welder I would like to start my own bike company and see if I could make it in the growing business, or get picked up by a good construction company. As for getting  married, I guess I won't because my girlfriend who had my baby left me. She was real nice and sweet but we didn't see eye to eye anymore. So i guess it will be cool to have a kid and not be married. I will always love my daughter. I guess I would like to stay here or wherever i find a good job or even a nice little city to stay at. If i were to go to college i would go to utep here in el paso.  I would join the military as my last resort and would probably join the air force and fly or maybe be a mechanic. Who knows it is all in the future and we never can tell what will happen in the future. As for me I live life like it is my last, happy being with the people i truely admire. But for right now i am working at this auto shop doing absolutely nothing but cleaning. it sucks the big one. But i wont be there for long.
This program is designed to train the student to become a qualified welder. The qualified welder is capable of interpreting welding blueprints, cutting and welding with oxygen-acetylene, as well as being qualified in plate welding with Shielded Metal Arch Welding (SMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Innershield (IS), and Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW). Western Technical Institute.

General Information

Bachelors of Science Offered:Civil Engineering,Computer Science,Electrical Engineering,Industrial Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Metallurgical and
 Materials Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering curriculum is designed for students who desire to enter industry or pursue advanced studies. The curriculum provides a broad range of courses in the areas of thermal sciences, fluid mechanics, and mechanical design.

1st Semester
CE  1305+  Graphic Fundamentals  3
ENGR  1401+  Introduction Engineering  4
ENGL  1311+  Expository English Composition  3
MATH  1411+  Calculus I  4
CHEM  1305+ General Chemistry  3
CHEM  1105+ Chemistry Lab  1
Total  18
2nd Semester
HIST  1301 History of U. S. to 1865  3
UNIV  1301+ Seminary in Critical Inquiry  3
UNIV  2350+  Interdisciplinary Technology and Society 3
ENGL  1312+  Research and Critical Writing  3
MATH  1312+  Calculus II  3
PHYS  2410+  Mechanics and Thermal Physics  4
PHYS  1120+  Physics Laboratory I  1
Total  18

1st Semester
CE  2315+  Engineering Mechanics I 3
MME  2303+  Introduction to Materials Science &Engineering  3
IE 2336+  Manufacturing Processes  3
MATH  2313+  Calculus III  3
PHYS  2411+  Fields and Waves  4
Total  16
2nd Semester
CE  2334+  Mechanics of Materials  3
HIST  1302  History of U. S. since 1865  3
MATH  2326+  Differential Equations  3
MECH  2338+  Engineering Mechanics II  3
MECH  2341+  Engineering Analysis  3
Science elective  GEOL 1301
BIOL 1305
or CHEM 1306  3
Total  18

1st Semester
MECH  3375+  Thermodynamics I  3
MECH  3305  Basic Measurements and Instrumentation  3
IE  3320+  Prob. Models & Engineering Data Analysis  3
IE  3326  Engineering Economy  3
COMM  1302+  Business and Professional Communication  3
POLS  2310 +  American Government and Politics  3
Total  18
2nd Semester
EE  3477  Basic Electrical Engineering  4
MECH  4364  Mechanical Design  4
MECH  3454  Fluid Mechanics  3
Humanities Elective+  3
POLS + 2311  American Government and Politics 3
Total  17

1st Semester
MECH  3363  Kinematics of Mechanisms  3
MECH  3365  Dynamic Response  3
MECH  3376  Thermodynamics II  3
Technical Elective* ME or IE course from list below  3
Visual and Performing Arts Elective+  3
Total  15
2nd Semester
MECH 4451  Heat Transfer  4
MECH  4311  Automatic Controls  3
MECH  4111  Controls Laboratory  1
MECH  4466  Senior Design  4
MECH  4195  Senior Professional Orientation 1
Social and Behavioral Sciences elective+ 3
Total  18

Total Semester Credit Hours 135