Summer school would have been lame without Amber and Nathalie. Amber's just uber mellow and cool to be around and yeah...She's definately not one of those catty, girl-girl types, and that's probably the coolest thing about her, aside from the face that she(thinks she)'s a P.I.M.P. Whatever floats her boat though, right? You can find her on yahoo, and AIM, if you're smart. I won't be giving out SNs here.

Nathalie is kind of a girly-girl, but in a good way. She's the one most likely to be found in a dress/skirt, but that's all good. She's kind of loud and very goofy and just really fun to be around. Her and Amber are the only reason I went to summer school everyday when I'd have rather been sleeping. You can find her on yahoo. Good luck with that.

Frank is my ultimate cuddle buddy. He's one of those stoner types that's just funny as hell to make fun off. When he gets high he ceases to function. He's also very closed off, very mellow...he reminds me of some of my newer friends, as a matter of fact. He's a different kind of guy, and he's pretty much the antithesis of me in alot of ways. Strangely, though, we have alot in common.

Mikey is one of those rare sweet guys. He sometimes tends to drift, which I blame on a shitty attention span due to college life. He goes to A&M, which is..meh, okay I suppose. Anywho, Mike is just one of those guys that's great to know, and even better to be friends with. He rocks my socks and stuff.

Katie and Nathan
I only combine these two because it would be impossible to describe one without bringing in the other. They're married, Nathan's my cousin. (Lucky me). Anyway, they're both pretty cool, and uber cute together. They live in Austin, which is where I hope to move, so that makes them even cooler. They can be found everywhere, but again, I won't give out info. Anyway, they've acquired a new kitty recently, bringing the household up to 5 (Katie, Nathan, Dasha, Buddog, and Chloe, the newbie). Fun times to be had be all.

Holli is affectionately dubbed the "Hallmark Ho". We all mean that in the best way possible, of course. She's a Martin chick, which is pretty bad, considering Martin sucks, but she's only got the last year left, so I can forgive her for that sin. I work with the chick @ Hallmark, if you couldn't tell, and she's probably one of my favorite people to work with. Not much else to say about her. I WILL give you HER sn, though, so use it to the best of your abilities: AIM: daiziladi.

Jenny is another Hallmark chick. She's the preggers one at the moment. We're all going to miss her when she leaves for maternity time, but she'll be back and then the fun can really begin then. She has a boy, Matthew, who's almost two, I believe, and the second baby is gender unknown at this point. I can't wait 'til the new baby's here. Can you say oodles of cute?

Jill was a temporary fixture at Hallmark, and I'm going to miss her like crazy while she's back at UNT. She's one of those people that's so normal it's scary, but she's still really cool. We share an affinity for orange juice, which makes us cooler than the average bears. I fully plan on taking road trips to Denton this year to see her, which reminds me that I need her cell number...

The Gang
This is just a combination of the group from Ben and Dustin's apartment. I don't really know any of them well enough to give them their own section, but I wanted to mention them. Shaun introduced me to the group and he's pretty cool most of the time. Megan is cool, but sometimes she's hard to read, which bothers me. Dustin is just an asshole, but I mean that nicely. Ben seems pretty cool, but I can't read him very well either. John is just a cutie, and fun to talk to. He scares me when he's stoned though. He's one of those zombie stoners. ^_^ John.