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ice cream. dr. pepper. "^_^". tom petty. george strait. thunderstorms. text messages. night time. funny people. monkeys. zebra print. political/religious debates. deep thoughts. ramen noodles. pasta. beanbag chairs. funky furniture. bunk beds. lap top computers. HTML. graphic design. computer nerds <3. forums.  indecent exposure. taking a stand. hats.  independence.  down-to-earth people. love. friendship. hugging.  movies. comedy. music.  sleeping in. cell phone covers. blue. green. black. grey. pink and brown together. happy tree friends. joe cartoon. driving around. bass. cherries.  whipped cream. caramel. the guy at sonic. flip flops. vans. the 72 el camino.



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bodily functions that smell. most pop. beef. pork. annoying people. repetition. body odor. heat. too much sun. fake bakes. money. being bored. shitty remakes. Annie. democrats. affirmative action. IAT. "scary" movies. foreign films in foreign languages. hitler. hate. tigers. rodents. INSECTS. lack of central AC. yellow. taper leg jeans. working on friday/saturday night. breakdowns. flat tires. oil lights. creepy older guys. messed up MP3s. corny jokes. awkward conversations. "just friends". ex-boyfriends. guys who lack confidence. two-faced people. catty chicks. feminists. equal opportunity employment. welfare.


Heather. heat. lovely. funny. intelligent. omniscient. sarcastic. cynical. loving. caring. friendly. considerate. creative. annoying. loud. shy. flirty. argumentative. anti-confrontational. versatile. simplistic. complex. antithesis. sensitive. stoic. sensual. low maintenance. fun-loving. original. lame. loser. hated. loved. compassionate. enthusiastic. focused. hard-working. musical. intuitive. contemplative. analytical. clueless. ignorant. open-minded. astute. empathetic. sympathetic. thoughtful. jackass.



Linkin Park: With You
Linkin Park: Forward
Linkin Park:  Don't Say
Linkin Park:  Nobody's Listening
Linkin Park:  With You
Linkin Park:  Secret
Linkin Park:  My December

Linkin Park:  In The End (remix)
Linkin Park:  In The End

Linkin Park:  Faint

Linkin Park:  Crawling

Linkin Park:  By Myself

Letters to Cleo:  Let You Go

Letters to Cleo:  Step Back

Letters to Cleo:  I'm a Fool

Letters to Cleo:  Here and Now



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