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Week Six                   Oct. 11, 2003


College Football

Oklahoma  o                                             Miami        o

Texas        o                                             FSU           o


Michigan    o                                             Georgia     o

Minnesota  o                                             Tennessee o


NFL           Oct. 12

Chiefs        o                                  Texans     o

Packers      o                                             Titans        o


Panthers    o                                             Giants       o

Colts          o                                             Patriots      o


Bears        o                                             Raiders      o

Saints        o                                             Browns      o


Eagles       o                                             Bucs          o

Cowboys    o                                             Redskins    o


Dolphins    o                                             Steelers     o

Jaguars     o                                             Broncos     o


Bills           o                                             Ravens      o

Jets           o                                             Cardinals   o


49ers         o

Seahawks  o


Monday Night Football                 Tie breaker

Falcons              vs             Rams                Total Points ______


Congratulations to Justin Morrett! There was a four way tie going into the MNF game. He had the closest number of total points scored and picked all but three of the weekend’s winners. 32 participants in last weeks pool is the largest one to date. Thank you all for playing.

Remember that there is a World Series pool in circulation, if interested let me know.


“Our greatest glory is not in failing but in rising up every time we fail.”