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PO BOX 1328 Christmas, Florida 32709-1328

We now accept
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You can now use a credit card to finance the cost of a Volunteer. (Volunteers are members or supporters of their charity who wish to help with the customer gathering. Volunteers become Volunteer Reps to earn money from Excel in order to donate a part of those earnings to their charitable organization. Volunteers must sign the Volunteer Concent Agreement and must be sponsored within levels 1 through 7 under a Trust that benefits their organization.)

You may pay for your Volunteer with your credit card or by e-check by clicking on a PayPal button below, or you may send your payment in the form of a check or money order made payable to "First American Fiduciary, Lc" and send it to:

First American Fiduciary, Lc
PO Box 1328
Christmas, FL 32709-1328
Physical Address:
347 N. Fort Christmas Rd
Christmas, FL 32709

NOTE: We are not able to accept checks/MOs payable to "The Seedlings Foundation", or "Excel", they must be made payable to "First American Fiduciary".

$25=Volunteer/SA Package:*

NOTE: Volunteer/SAs cannot have an Excel IR HomeSite, and the cost to upgrade a Volunteer/SA to an MR, after the fact, is an additional $299. That adds up to $499. If you believe that you may want your Volunteer to be an MR in the future, please consider the $225 Volunteer/MR Package below.

$225=Volunteer/MR Package:*

$450=Trust/MR/TD Package:*

$50=RUSH ORDER Option:

NOTE: RUSH orders are processed first.

*NOTE: The package prices shown above are all-inclusive. It is no longer necessary to find a donor for your Volunteer's Excel IR FEE ( i.e. $399) The Volunteer will be able to automatically pay the Excel fee using money available from charitable grants.

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