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"Psalms 7"

Seedlings Board of Directors Splits.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003 - The three dissident members of the Seedlings Foundation Board of Directors, who forced an election of the board two weeks ago, refused to run for re-election to the Board citing negligence, mismanagement, and politicking on the part of the President (Cecil Tucker) and Treasurer (Bob Powell) as the reasons for refusing to accept seats on the Foundation’s board. The three (Seán Milroy, Ogle Warfield, and Skip De Biasse) said in a written statement during the Foundation’s annual meeting, that they were, “…fed up…” and, “…no longer interested in sitting on [the] board…”. They also said that the foundation's "...officers have been running the business into the ground through neglect and mismanagement.”, and also that they, ”…believe that there is now no choice left that has a chance to save this company other than new leadership.”

The departure of the three directors also leaves the relationship between the Seedlings Foundation and its supplier of Trusts and Trustee services, First American Fiduciary, lc, in question since two of the departing Directors: Seán Milroy (President of First American) and Ogle Warfield (Vice-President of First American) hold a controlling interest in the Trust company.

According to Seán Milroy (who was also the Seedlings former webmaster), First American’s website was a part of the Seedlings website and was intentionally deleted when Seedlings President, Cecil Tucker, authorized the takeover of the company’s website by a new webmaster.

The website is temporarily out of service.
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