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All about Katie!

Hey, this page is all about me. I am a 21 year old girl who's currently in her third year at Humber College. I am studying Marketing and so that hopefully I'll be able to have everything in my life want.

I spend my life riding my horse whom I love dearly. Infact, she's the reason I'm still here in Bolton. I just couldn't bare to sell her. Her name is Sis...psst...I didn't name her. I do a sport called Eventing. But, you can learn more about that on my other pages!

I work at Zehrs in town, and work at the barn just to keep my car and my horse. I have a black Ford Focus ZTS. You might see me around town, I'll be the one blocking traffic as I stall through the intersections.

My boyfriends name is John. You might see him flying through town with his liscence plates, "Johnny.M." which I bought him for Christmas. He's awsome, and there's nothing in this world I could say about him that would actually let you know how he makes me feel.