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What's with these people?

This page is all about evening out the playing field. Why do peolpe feel the need to put other's down? Well, apparently it's beucase they've either been ignored, treated like crap, hurt, or maybe they just aren't able to have a social life, or friends unless they create the drama in their life that keeps their social life in tact.

I would like to start off with a small town girl named amanda....and yes, there is no capital, she does not deserve one. amanda feels the need to become the town dramatizer to create a life for herself. She's a 19 year old girl who has worked so hard in school that she has infact become the womans dept manager in Bolton's own "Giant Tiger'" also known as the "Big Tig." Many of her other accomplishments include becoming a computer genious. She has mastered the ability to hack into other's peoples e-mails, read all their files then log onto their MSN accounts. But don't worry, she has the manners to not delete them, she just reads them and takes on other's identities to find out gossip to spread. However, she'll just deny it, so she must be incognito...sshhh...

Next we could mention Linda...oh we all know who i'm talking about in the horse world. This is just someone who i don't want to talk bad about, i just wanted to mention that she's one of those...."self absorbed" people. Like seriously, get your dog off the course! And by the way, you're attitude get's you no where.

Characteristics of people that belong here!