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1ère Bac. Sc.=> Tests => Reading => Mar. 2015 => 50 minutes.

~ Reading Test ~

           The other day, the Smiths went to the "E_&_P" Restaurant to have lunch as usual. Mrs Smith suddenly got astonished because the new waiter was an old person. She was in her sixties but still worked hard. She served the clients fast and with huge smiles. Mrs Smith asked her if she was doing that job for money. The waiter said that it was her restaurant, and she loved cooking and serving people personally. As she was too busy, she had no time to chat, so she continued taking orders. That old lady, Mrs Baker, was too kind with the Smiths. She has even offered them two burgers when they were leaving, and she has invited them to taste some more of her new delicious dishes. The Smiths left very glad and promised to come back the next day.



            A.     Answer these questions   

  1. When did the Smiths go to the restaurant?

  2. What was astonishing for Mrs Smith?

  3. Whose restaurant is E&P?

            B.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify    

  1. The Smiths went to the E&P Restaurant for the first time

  2. The waiter is a woman.

  3. The waiter bought the E&P restaurant.

  4. Mrs Baker was generous.

            C.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?    

  1. " she " (Line 3)  
  2. " it " (Line 4)  
  3. " she " (Line 5)  
  4. " they " (Line 6)  

            D.    Find in the text words or phrases which mean almost the same as.    

  1. " profession "

  2. " woman "

  3. " meals "

  4. " return "

            E.    Find in the test the antonyms of these words    

  1. " slow "

  2. " free "

  3. " tasteless "

  4. " unhappy "

            F.    Complete the sentences with information from the text    

  1. The waiter didn't want to chat with Mrs Smith because

  2. Before the Smiths left the restaurant Mrs Baker gave them


~ ~