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Sustainable Development

Put the following sentences in the correct order to make a meaningful paragraph


Sustainable Development simply means attaining and maintaining a quality of life that can last for many generations ahead. For this goal, we need to answer three basic conditions.


The first is the economic security or prosperity.


Next, we need to work on a durable social justice system.


Third and last factor is the environment quality which is our obligation towards the future generations.


If we are serious about these obligations we'll certainly be able to protect the planet and sustain development.


We should protect people's properties, activate the labour market and find new jobs so as to alleviate poverty.


We must keep recycling waste and preserving water resources and forests for the next generations to meet their needs.


This can never be realized unless we invest money in a way that the costs don't exceed the income, along with preserving energy by using cheap energies such as the solar and wind powers.