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What do they say?!

Rewrite the sentences as indicated, and click "KEY" to compare

01. "Please, please, let me in " he said
      He begged them

02. "If I were you, I should not leave my job " he told me
      He advised me

03. "Remember to lock the door when you are leaving. " the teacher told the students
      He reminded them

04. "Stop complaining all the time " she told him
      She advised him

05. "Go on, Betty, keep trying " he said
      He encouraged Betty

06. "Don't play with matches, kids " she said
      She warned the kids

07. "Wait here! " he told us
      He said  

08. "Would you wait here " he said
      He asked us  

09. "I never go to school on foot " he said
      He explained  

10. "Carry on, Ted, don't give up " he said
      They urged Ted




01.  CHECK

02.  CHECK

03.  CHECK

04.  CHECK

05.  CHECK

06.  CHECK

07.  CHECK

08.  CHECK

09.  CHECK

10.  CHECK

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