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Have A Purpose To Serve In Life

By: Mubarak Abdessalami

            Some people live a life without purpose. I feel badly about them. Their lives are terribly messy. They believe that fixing a goal for the future life is a stupid dream that turns out to be a mirage. The distant vision of purposes creates such destabilizing and hallucinating thoughts. These kinds of people are skeptical, pessimistic or narrow-minded, though they are somehow logical. It is true that there are no road signs along our life trajectory, and we may easily get lost. However, determined dreamers can make their dreams come true, sooner or later, and they unexpectedly become very useful. So, please don't be frustrated because you'll be frustrating.

            Since you are still alive, certainly there is a good reason behind that. I think it must be for a great purpose in this life. You must fully visualize and work for achieving it. This purpose, I assume, is no more than being useful, and that's actually not simple. You have to be of assistance to people, to be friendly and compassionate with them, and to shed a beam of hope in their lives. If you are not to be useful, all purposes are mere pointless open-ended goals. To be useful for your family and for your community is one of the most righteous purposes in life.

            Some people's purpose in life is to be happy. Happiness doesn't come to you unless you make people around you happy. It is almost impossible to be happy in a sad environment. You can never taste the flavour of joy when surrounded with wretched people. You cannot actually build a world for your happiness without theirs inside. Therefore, if you take happiness for a purpose in life, you need to reconstruct and adapt yourself and the people around you to fit the world you are dreaming to set up. Happiness requires immense efforts and self-denial to achieve it, yet it is worth it.

            Some other people choose making money for a purpose. They won't be wrong if they are benevolent and very generous. If you are charitable, taking money for a purpose has nothing to do with greed. If you are open-handed, surely you are making money purposefully. For generous people, making money is making a life, not a living, out of helping the needy. Make yourself some friends by making money for them. If you make friends from the needy, you really make a great change in lots of lives, yours included.

            The best of all; however, is taking love for a purpose in life. It is true that such thing is scarce, but it exists, and that precisely which makes it so precious. It is, also, a valuable purpose for others to have loving and caring people for company. You may not have a huge fortune, but you own a huge heart capable of forgiveness, compassion and empathy. Your purpose in life is to make life itself lovable thanks to you. Consequently, the world without you becomes the gloomiest place ever. Do you have in mind any other purpose nobler than this one? I doubt that.

            All in all, you have to fix a purpose for your life, to be one of the rare purposeful people. If you cannot be happy, charitable or loving, it's none of your fault any way as the world around you is full of hard-hearted people living without purpose. They are the source of all frustrations and disappointments that can irritate you, and make you forget about your primary purpose, notable to have a useful purpose to serve.

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