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The Past Perfect & The Past Perfect Progressive

In Context / Key

Spotting The Past Perfect and the Past Perfect Continuous Tenses in this short passage

    She smoothly dropped the golden pen she had been writing with, and she fainted in silence. The words she had been writing were glowing so magically that she couldn't bear their charming powers. Unfortunately, I missed the scene because I had been busy cleaning the window pane to get a clear view of the world outside. What a dim idea!

    The perfect world I had been trying to visualize was not outside. On the contrary, everything was inside, but I hadn't been digging in the right place using the right tools; otherwise I could have discovered a mine where from I could extract treasures like the hectic refining words that our brains perpetually generate to confuse or to excite us, and sometimes even to send us into a deep trance. The inside fantastic world of ecstasy exists and it is more authentic than the one people usually try to perceive through each others' eyes.

    Now, how could it be possible I depicted a scene I hadn't seen?! Please, don't bother to answer; I know that the same question had already crossed your mind. I'm talking about the marvels of being at two different locations at the same time.

       Just start the journey inwards, and you will discover a multidimensional world that you could never imagine it had been there long before your expedition.

From Inward Expedition ~ M. Abdessalami