2ème Bac. S.H. Language Quiz (Dec.) 20 mns

Language Quiz

  1. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct form                           [3 pts]
    1. Thank you for (get) me the book I was looking for.    
    2. We have just finished (prepare) the famous meal.    
    3. He (not / succeed) because he hadn't revised his lessons well.    
    4. The kids (sleep) by the time we return home.    
    5. Let me (see) if I can fix that.      
    6. He started crying after he (see) the old photo.    

  2. Match the letters with the numbers to form collocations                           [2 pts]
    1. Problem a. Education 1. Problem
    2. Micro b. Credit 2. Micro
    3. Civic c. Care 3. Civic
    4. Health d. Solving 4. Health

  3. Put the words between brackets in the correct form                           [2 pts]
    1. Everyone reads about the (adventure) life of Sinbad      
    2. We all must help the (poverty) old people in our community.      

  4. Join these sentences with the words given                           [2 pts]

    1. Hassan left home early. Hassan wanted to catch the first train. (so as to)

    2. I couldn't contact my parents. There was no internet connection in the region. (therefore)

  5. Complete the exchange                           [1 pt]

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