2ème Bac. Language Quiz (2)

Language Quiz

  1. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct form                           [10 pts]
    1. Let's (see) what you've got?    
    2. By the end of the day, they (call) us.    
    3. I fell asleep as soon as I (get) on the bus.    
    4. He is used to (communicate) with small children.    
    5. They had stopped (make) noise when the bell rang.      
    6. No one should help you (do) this test.    
    7. He was sorry for (disturb) the sleeping kids.    
    8. By the end of May, we (study) the ten Units.    
    9. My father used to (wear) jeans and T-Shirts.   
    10. Before she went out, she (prepare) the lunch meal.    

  2. Put the words between brackets in the correct form                           [2 pts]
    1. That's really an (audacity) remark.      
    2. (Child) is a period of joy and innocence.      
    3. Do NGOs offer (assistant) to poor people?      
    4. In business, (manage) skills are required.      

  3. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given                           [8 pts]

    1. Someone should repair the tractor as soon as possible.
      The tractor      

    2. "Did you call the manager yesterday?" He said
      He asked me      

    3. Although I am old, I am always happy.

    4. Nobody invited us

    5. "What is this man doing here?" she asked.
      She wanted to know      

    6. "Don't touch the cake" She shouted.
      She told us      

    7. He left very early because he was sick.
      Due to      

    8. Someone was telling the kids fairy tails.
      The kids      

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