2ème Bac. Language Quiz (1)

Language Quiz

  1. Put the words between brackets in the correct form                           [2 pts]
    1. These boys are (creativity) . They are really artists.      
    2. Some microbes are (resistance) to antibiotics.      
    3. We should encourage (ambition) youth to achieve their gaols      
    4. Do men and women share (equality) responsibility?      

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct form                           [10 pts]
    1. The others have just finished (do) the quiz.    
    2. I had had no idea until they (inform) me.    
    3. As soon as the guests (leave) , I went to bed.    
    4. She thinks her son could (repair) the broken tractor.    
    5. You'd better (review) your paper before you hand it in.      
    6. I enjoyed (read) a great article about citizenship.    
    7. When we came in, the kids (prepare) dinner.    
    8. We must (clean) the room. It is messy.    
    9. After the guests (leave) , my mother started doing the dishes.   
    10. Thank you for (come) to my birthday party.    

  3. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given                           [8 pts]

    1. Some people will visit us this afternoon.

    2. Someone has stolen my car keys..
      My car keys      

    3. Although he was competent, he didn't get the award.

    4. "Will you press this button, please?" he said
      He asked me      

    5. "Can you read this word?" he said
      He asked me      

    6. Someone has broken my glasses.
      My glasses      

    7. She couldn't answer the question although she was intelligent.
      In spite of      

    8. Someone would ask us to leave.

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