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English, the business of prosperity

              English is not merely a language any more. It is even more than what it seems to be a Lingua Franca. It is rather a global business which develops into an ambitious promising project for many countries especially those ones tending to have a place under the sun. They bring in the new technologies and expertise by way of importing teachers and exporting students. Why is English so needed by almost all the countries of the world? I think because it is the drive and the pivot round which nearly all the economies of the world revolve. English is no longer a private property for Britain, the USA, Canada or Australia though they had the right to export it. English is the only language in the world nowadays which could be seen in terms of a product or merchandise or service; the more you have of it, the stronger your economy gets. English as a foreign language is now a multi-billion dollar global industry. It is a valuable reserve of money for its native countries. Many other countries however import it to recycle it. So the Standard English is bit by bit doomed to disappear forever. The people who use English as a second language outnumber the native speakers and perhaps all those using other languages as a second language altogether. So it is not actually weird if there are in the world now as many Englishes as nobody would ever imagine.

              Several underdeveloped countries ask the very crucial question, notably, "why should we import the language and the material necessary for its recycling?" Each country has its own English proper to it. The USA uses English simply because most of the immigrants that settled in the country spoke it. The USA has got no history except for the meagre two hundred years of fighting either against the Indians or against themselves in the war of secession and the other tiny scattered battles which stemmed from constant fear by the Bronx and the Mafia sections. English imposed itself, I don't know how, but I think it is the result of hard work, scientific and technological prolific production. English nowadays looks a lot like Arabic in the Middle Ages at which time all the mankind experiences including those at the Greek era were only in Arabic. Because English now is the language that the planet Earth speaks, economical power is related to it. Simple statistics that perhaps have no logical relationship with our topic, but they unveil a lot of interesting hints. Take the United States itself as an example. The people of Florida, which is the fifth economical power in the world, speak English whereas in California, where the level of poverty is alarmingly lower lagging behind 40 states, more than four million people speak languages other than English.

              Thus, the questions which might be raised are notably why we should preserve the sources of the language whereas the authentic owners of the language do not do so. Are we going to be ahead of them by doing this? And finally why is English so powerful and the mostly heard in the concert of languages? I think I can answer the last question very quickly. I mean because it is the youngest and the strongest. As a young country, the USA doesn't spend too much time looking to the past for examples of what to do. They only start creating the glorifying past they have never had. They decide to do things according to their own instincts and to what, they think, it is the right; and they did it. USA is the most successful country in the world nowadays because it has no past to pride for but it has all the freedom that creation and inventions, ideas and adventures need to prosper. The Americans are exceeding in everything and they are real adventurers. Their production is number one in quantity and quality. Take movies for example, they are the most expensive and the most rentable in the world. Everybody likes them because they are well-done and they are well-done because a lot of money, effort, expertise, material, technology, effects have been deployed, and because everybody likes to see them for that reason, they can pay it all off in a week or two. Now what is said about movies can be said about all the stuff "made in USA".

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