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Common Core => Tests => Language => May 2014

Language Test

  1. Choose the right answer     4 points

    1. Ted is intelligent, ( but / and ) he is lazy.             

    2. George never stays up late ( in / on / at ) night.           

    3. There aren't ( no / any ) teeth in my grandpaís mouth.             

    4. There are very ( few / little ) trees in our garden.           

    5. Mike and Ben are my friends. ( Two / Both / All ) of them are English.             

    6. My brother can't fix the computer, and I can't ( too / either ) she lives in Paris.           

    7. How ( many / much ) glasses of tea do you drink everyday?             

    8. I usually go to the stadium ( and / with ) my friends.           

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense.     4.5 points

    1. Peter and his wife  (be in Merzouga three weeks ago.
    2. Miss Claudia is a teacher  (teach)   Philosophy.    
    3. My brother  (buy a new laptop yesterday.    
    4. The baby  (sleep right now.    
    5. The old men  (play chess ten times so far.    
    6. Last night, while I  (do my homework, my little brother  (sit beside the window watching the moon.    
    7. He hates  (be at school all the time.    
    8. I am not hungry. I  (just / drink some apple-juice.    

  3. Put in the negative.     4 points

  4. 1. Nabil was at home last night.
    2. Olivia goes to school.
    3. I have read that book already.
    4. Sandy flew to Tokyo.

  5. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms.     2 points

    1. We have got a lot of  (donkey)   in our farm.    
    2. There were two  (wolf)   at the zoo.    
    3. My grandmother thinks I am  (mad my father.    
    4. What is  (ugly animal on the planet?    

  6. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list.     2.5 points

    I - me - my - mine - myself

    1. Houda thinks stole her toy, and she hates for that.   
    2. I am sure this chips packet is not . I donít eat junk food..   
    3. I sometimes talk to . I think I am crazy.   
    4. Couscous is favourite dish. I'm mad about it.    

  7. What do these sentences express? Match the numbers with the letters.     5 points

    1. Can you buy me a ticket, please?. a. Opinion
    2. Can your grandma use a mobile phone? b. Permission
    3. Can I go out, please? c. Dislikes
    4. Can we go to the cinema tonight? d. Ability
    5. To my mind, the book is the best friend. e. Request
    6. I detest eating couscous with my bare hands. f. Suggesting