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      Brain Drain is the human capital flight. Most countries suffer from this problem.

      Write an article to your school magazine talking about the main causes of the problem.

By: S. K. (2ème Bac) 2011 / 2012

          Brain Drain is a problem which the developing countries suffer from awfully. It is the result of diverse causes. First of all, most gifted and genius people choose to emigrate to developed countries to look for a better and tempting life. Moreover, once in the host countries these skilled or expert people become able to make their dreams come true. The countries of origin try hard not to lose them but it seems that there are a lot of obstacles to turn brain drain to brain gain. More than that, most educated people leave their own countries to another one so as to ameliorate their working and living conditions, because they believe that elsewhere is better than their own land as the proverb goes "the other side of the fence is always greener". Most importantly, the experts and skilled individuals emigrate because of the lack of security in their countries due to armed conflicts or civil wars. All in all, brain drain is a global phenomenon which both developed and developing countries must deal with seriously.

Proofread by M. Abdessalami

Understanding Brain Drain