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1 Bac. Sc => Reading => November => 55 minutes.

Reading Test

            Hi 1ère Bac. Students! My name is Ben, and I am from England. Two years ago, I met a person on the internet. He is a Moroccan young man named Moha. He invited me to spend a week in his small town. I accepted because I had no idea about Morocco.

            When I arrived at the airport, I had the impression that I knew the people very well. They were very modest and kind. Moha was there waiting for me. He was tall and slim with a very large smile on his happy round face. He was glad to see me, and so was I.

            His home town was not far, so we took a taxi. I met his parents and his children. They all welcomed me with love, and I gave them some gifts I brought from my country.

            The week was short, but I saw lovely places and ate delicious food. Speaking for myself, this trip to Morocco is an interesting experience. I discovered a great culture of tolerance and hospitality. I made my decision to come back to your country on my next holiday.


            A.     Answer these questions   

  1. What nationality is Ben?

  2. When did Ben know Moha?

  3. How did Ben arrive in Morocco?

  4. What does Moha look like?

  5. What did Ben bring from England?

            B.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify    

  1. Ben loved the Moroccan people.

  2. Ben was glad to see Moha.

  3. Ben went to the town by train.

  4. Moha is single.

  5. Ben Liked the Moroccan culture.

            C.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?    

  1. "his" (1.line 3)  
  2. "them" (2.line 2)  
  3. "there" (2.line 2)  
  4. "there" (3.line 2)  

            D.    Find in the text words or phrases which mean the same as.    

  1. not old (1)
  2. happy (2)
  3. near (3)
  4. exciting (4)

            E.    Pick out a sentence from the text expressing opinion.    

II.     WRITING   

What did you do last Friday? Write a paragraph.


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