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Domestic Worker Rights

La Raza Centro Legal
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June, 2003.

Welcome to La Raza Centro Legal's website for domestic worker rights!!!

Visit La Raza Centro Legal to find out more information about our programs and groups, such as the Women's Collective and our San Francisco Day Labor Program .

Also, use this website to find out how to help domestic workers when they have a wage and hour or employment dispute. This website is designed to be a crash course in domestic worker rights!!! It is hoped that advocates can use this website to gather information on domestic workers and the major laws that apply to them. To do this, the website has been divided into sections. First, there is a section that provides helpful hints for advocates who want to inform, protect, and educate domestic workers. Then, two sections contain summaries of the major Labor Code/Wage Order sections that apply to domestic workers. This website also has a section for advocates that want presentation materials and information. This part of the website is the result of a pamphlet that we published in 2003 for domestic workers. Finally, there is a section that provides the contact information of some of La Raza's staff, links to various government agencies, and other useful resources, including a map to La Raza Centro Legal.

Helpful Hints

Labor Code Summaries

Wage Order Summaries

Contact Us/Useful Emails

Pamphlet & Presentation Info

Reference/Other Useful Websites

This website was published by Rodolfo Estrada, one of the 2003 law student interns for La Raza Centro Legal. Email me at NOTE: although I've tried to make all this information as accurate as possible, laws change and you should use this site only as a method of obtaining information.
Remember, I am a law student and NOT a lawyer .