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In June 2002, a small group of youth and adults from the Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County went on a servant trip to McAllen, Texas. On this trip they spent two days hanging sheet rock and painting in two Habitat for Humanity houses. In their group discussions, several participants asked, "Can we do this at home?"


This question was taken to the La Grange Area Ministers' AssocIation who followed up by inviting a representative from Habitat for Humanity to their next meeting to talk about what it takes to develop a Habitat for Humanity affiliate. The decision was then made to form a steering committee to assess the potential for beginning an affiliate In Fayette County. The invitation was made to the general public to serve on the steering committee, and those who responded began to explore the options.


The steering committee found that support from Fayette County residents and organlzatlons for a potential Habitat for Humanity affiliate was strong. The committee also determined that sufficient need to start an affiliate could be found In Fayette County. With these initial Indicators and with reasonable requirements from Habitat for Humanity, the steering committee submitted an application to form an affiliate. Approval for use of the Habitat for Humanity name was received in August 2003.




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