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DoeNetwork Press Kit

We would like to thank you for your interest in the "Doe Network".

We are a self-funded, 100% volunteer-operated organization that is dedicated to assisting Law Enforcement in solving missing and unidentified persons cold cases. Our members include Law Enforcement Agents, Detectives, "Forensic Artists", Journalists, Medical Examiners, Missing Persons Case Workers and "Everyday People". We cooperate with "NCMEC" -(National Center for Missing and Endangered Children and the "NCIC" (FBI) and the "National Missing Persons Helpline" of the UK, as well as local Law Enforcement.

Our website "www.DoeNetwork.Org" details hundreds of "Unidentified Victims" and thousands of "Unexplained Disappearances" from North America, Europe and Australia. To view all of unidentified persons cases in your country/state/province please visit our "Geographic Index" and click on the country/state/province name.
Other search options include the "Chronological Index"

The Doe Network, has added the "HOT CASES" section to the websites. This section will help feature recent missing & unidentified persons cases submitted by Law Enforcement for release to the public.

Our organization has had a hand in more than 30 "Solved Cases" since our "group of volunteers" was formed in 2001. We also have many other potential matches between missing and unidentified persons currently being investigated by Law Enforcement. Todd Matthews - the U.S. Media Director for the Doe Network - is responsible for solving the famous "TENT GIRL" mystery of Kentucky after she had been unidentified for 30 years.

Articles about the Doe Network matches and our members can be found in our "Media Center".

Currently, the NCIC estimates there are more than 6,000 doe cases listed within it's system.
Some experts estimate this is only 10-50% of the actual number of cases.

Not all cases are listed with the NCIC. We hope to help make sure more cases are entered.

We are contacting the various Medical Examiner Systems, Law Enforcement Agencies, Public Officials and Media Outlets across the world with our message. Our hope is that they can help bring exposure to the missing and unidentified. By doing this we insure that the victims have a greater chance of being located / identified and their families can find closure.

One of the organization's projects is "Project EDAN" which stands for "Everyone Deserves A Name". This is a group of Forensic Artists who volunteer their time to do facial reconstructions for agencies that do not have access to a forensic artist or software such as FACES.

All are invited to join the public access "ColdCases" discussion group.
ColdCases has been up and running for almost 8 years.

Please let us know if you can help us spread our message.
Communication...can be the most effective weapon in solving a Cold Case.
These cases must be seen by the public before they can be solved.

For additional organizational information, possible additional case file information / images, Doe Network staff images / profiles, etc...please contact us.

The DoeNetwork Media Contacts

Todd Matthews: USA Media Director,
Phone: 1-931-397-3893
Fax: 1-931-823-9821

Angela Ellis: Canada Media Director,

  • Phone - 931-397-3893
  • Fax - 931-823-9821

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