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Hello, my name is Chris Reid, otherwise known as:

Christoph, Pissed off, Pissed off The minyon, oh yeah ... and FRED!!

Basically my life ...revolves around working (at a pub) and messing on my PC! Nuthing better to do with my life.... Also during the last few months i seem 2 have found myself with a name as a "manwhore" i resent that!!

But yeah, ive been going to the shittest school in the world (Birkdale, In sheffield) and i have hated every minute of it!! Shit teachers, students and uniform!!! CRAPPY!!!

I must admit tho, there have been a few things keep me going through my last year at school, the thought of finishin an making my teachers feel like they are crap when they see my GCSE grades. Other than that there were a few gud m8s, who took me as i was and didnt try to make me change, Dave bein da best!!

Cheers man!!

This is Jack and David (on left)

Oh yeah and the other person i really have to talk about is "Steve" or "Mr Kenyon" as we were supposed to call him. He was the head of middle school and the head of the RS dept. He was the guy that thought Dave was dealing drugs outside school, in actual fact he was talking to his mortal enemy, (tom wilson)

This is steve!!!

As usual i thought id give my site a new look, thus the black with green.... COOL EH??

Random Pics


These are two of the best online games websites, i use them all the time so have a go!!!

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