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Birkdale School, how to get around some of their limited security.


Okay throughout my few years in Birkdale i have picked up some usefull ways to get around the security. And as i hate this school i thought i might as well help you on your way...

Okay "birkdale" has a program called "winlock pro" running which stop's us from running forbidden files such as *.exe, *.com, *.bat etc. For most of these there are ways to get around them.

Also there is a program on every computer called "winpopup" which we aren't supposed to be able to use but as always we still can.

We are not allowed to download files from the net or install new programs and we can help to stop the new files from being discovered.

Just click on the links and you will find out how...


Written By "goodlad4u" "email me here"