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Prepare to know

Daniel James Grech

The driver

Daniel James Grech Born in 1985 made by father Martin and Mother Carmen...parents that now are separated because of nonsence.

This photo is me when I was young...very young.

When I was young I was very happy with my life because mother and father were  togrther.  

 what I dislike

the most thing i dislike: fighting.

dislikes: stupid ness (not if you can't help it), diseases, bad health, very hot climates, traitors,  cruelty in people, smoking and drugs.

things that i thing must be changed in the world

First of all the cars must be changed with ones that does not make pollution, not only the cars but all type of engines.

if possible take immediate action against to who is doing harm to the humans and nature.

fights between countries must be done by virtual reality games for example, so people won't die, cities will be not destroyed and no harm is done to the world's nature.

my dream in my life: to do something good or give something to the world.


This is me a little bigger

Me when my hair was curly


Food Likes:

Spagetti,pizza and the best is the famous English BreakFast

There was a time in my life that I was punk but I got tired of it.

After the punk period


likes: military, mountain bikes and mountain biking, happiness and peace,  radio control cars, chemistry, biology, females, films, dangerous adventures, music (all types) and  life. (by the way, i am roman catholic).

military: I like military but i don't like wars. i like military because i like the gadgets and clothes of soldiers and commandos. I had a gang which consists of fine five humans which were the driver (me), spy, sniper (my brother), marine and the informer. they all had the same age as me except the marine (6 years younger) and the sniper (one year younger).



We landed in the jungle

with our F16

we looked through our window

when we saw a marine.

We turned round a corner

and guess what we saw,

we saw 100 weapon full army men waiting for us.

We fought 98 and our weapons went hot

we had some whisky

and we fought the other two.

  We went to a general

and guess what he said

hey men your tactics are great.

And then when we died

we went straight to hell

were we fought the devil's kingdom

and the devil as well.

Mountain biking: i like mountain biking because it is a very healthy sport and sometime dangerous. The longest trip i did with my bike (above left), was 13km (1 hour non stop driving).

radio controls: i have one of the rarest radio controls which is the max hopper made by taiyo r\c in Japan.


the type of friends I prefer: intelligent, careful, could take jokes, knowledge full, common sense and no liars.

type of girls i like: one year younger than me, good character, little shorter than me and normal figure.

my family: mother and father are separated (for 11 years now) and i have a brother one year younger than me.

preferred jobs: working in a lab (e.g. laboratory technician), private investigator, high ranked militant, navy seal or something that has to do with military.      

Favorite film: my favorite films are the rock and g.i. Jane

favorite magazines: x-factor, focus and rudest digest

Favorite cars: Mercedes, ford and Chrysler.

favorite p.c. games: all medal of honors, return to castle wolfinstein, Carmageddon tdr2000 and especially commandos behind enemy lines; beyond the call of duty; man of courage.


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