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This is my floro growspace. I set it up inside a headboard, behind my couch. It is very stealthy.

I used a thick piece of cardboard for one side of
this. I cut a hole for venting, but normally have it open on the side to vent.

A long shot of my growspace. It contains four 4'
fluorescents, and 2 female plants. It is 4.5'x10"x17" (WxDxH).

My temps are normally between 78 and 85 F during
the day. My plants do not burn if they touch the bulbs.

I have a small fan, that sucks air through a hole in the
cardboard wall. Since this is all behind a couch, there is a 4" gap between the wall and the couch. I used plenty of towels and sweatshirts stuffed in there to light proof it.

Timers are very important. If you dont get one, you will
get tired of turning your lights off very quickly. I had to put my timer above my lights, because I ran out of room in my box.

Coming soon- new grow closet..