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Tired of paying $15 for a lousy gram of weed? Are you one of the millions of people who wake up every day, only to find an empty sack, and an empty wallet? Then GROW YOUR OWN! It's fun and simple, and lets you grow the highest quality product around!

You too can grow and smoke your own ganja in 3-4 months flat.

My Current grows (2 rooms)

Flouro Closet (NEW): Flowering
-Four 40w 4' Flouros, 2 Cool/2 Soft white
-Two 42w Compact Flouros, Soft white
Total - 244w, 18,400 lumens
Room size: 22"x5'x20" (DxWxH)

HPS Cabinet: Flowering
-70w HPS in a 16"x21"x26" (DxWxH) cabinet

Ferts: Pure Blend Bloom .5-.5-1
Schultz Expert Bloom 5-30-5
NPK ratio - 2-7-3 (approx.)