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]=) The Clan ]=)

]=) cow clan ]=)

Our clan is a new clan and we need some more members. We are no roper clan. We are a normal clan and we have made this clan just for fun. We also need more patches, levels and settings for this site. So if you have some cool patches,levels or settings just mail it to me by clicking the worms picture at the bottom of the screen.

Here is a link to another site. This site is made by a clanmemeber ]=)Donkey link to Donkey's site

Our Clanmembers

The Weaponlist


Chat Room The new Chat Room

Feedback room !

Later on you can download map's, weaponsettings and option settings here, if you have a nice map, weapon setting or option setting, then please click on the worms picture at the bottom of this page

Official Worms 2 Website

here's a link to the official worms 2 web-site

Mail to me

We are looking for some good worms II players. If you wanna join our clan press on the picture and mail your asl and your worms name.