Wrestlers Name: Kole Chambers

Sex: M

Age: 23

Race: Italian

Hometown: Rochester, New York

Height: 6’4

Weight: 285

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Overall Physical Appearance: Kole is well-toned, head shaven to a stubble, buff in all areas, and more than physically fit. A weightlifter; he has broad shoulders, and a well-defined six pack.

Specific Distinguished Marks: Not many, but a few small scars along his hands, and arms from former fights. Kole takes things to the extreme, therefore many fights has left him with the scars to prove his success.

Ring Attire: Kole comes to the ring wearing only a pair of navy blue jeans and a pair of military combat boots.

Entrance Music: "King of my world" By Saliva

Catch Phrase: "I refuse….."

Alignment: Neutral w/ Heel tendencies

Crowd Reaction: Crowd will cheer, ladies will whistle, Men try taking shots at Kole, just to see how tuff he is.

Finisher: "The Kole Chamber"

Finisher Description: Human Torture Rack into Hangman’s Neckbreaker.

Trademark Move: "Victimized"

Description: Military Press Toss into Samoan Drop

Wrestler's overall wrestling style: Mat wrestler/ very extreme brawler

Background: Born in the middle class section of Rochester, New York; Kole Chambers lived a well discipline life. His father, a retired Military Official in the USMC, kept his household under strict and profound order. Growing up on the Military base in Quanset Rhode Island, Kole learned the hard way about becoming a "real man" at the young age of 8.

His father put him through basic Military training by the time he was 12 years old, and he knew everything there was to learn; not only about self-discipline, self-control and self-defense, but he also was trained and had mastered being a killer. By the time Kole turned 16, his father; instead of buying him a new car, or new set of clothing, bought him a semi automatic assault rifle.

His father took him to the nearest naval base’s rifle range, where he not only mastered a marksmanship in shooting, but had received a congressional honor for his abilities in training. It was at the age of 18, Kole had lost his father to a convenient store robbery just around midnight on his father’s 65th Birthday. It occurred when Kole’s father was attempting to purchase gas for his vehicle. Two men dressed in "loud" colored clothing jumped him from behind and shot him in the back of the head as Kole entered the store. Kole took it upon himself to seek redemption for his father’s death and went out in search for the two men that were never arrested. Kole lived on the streets, sleeping in his father’s midnight blue 1967 Dodge Charger.

Kole slept in the alleys and lived day by day fighting the scum that plagued the streets until he would one day seek his redemption upon the two men who killed his father. It was upon arrival at New York’s Kennedy Airport that Kole had captured the eyes of one, Summer Kensington.

Miss Kensington was a witness to some of Kole’s brutality as he was engaged in what some would call a basic "street fight". Kole’s "killer instinct" had emerged when local authorities arrived to take him into custody. Miss Kensington saw the potential in Kole and stood good for the young man as she brought him into The New Breed training facility.

Kole trained hard and had become one of Miss Kensington’s best students. It was upon the talks of Eric Rameriz and Miss Kensington about Rameriz’s Fed opening, that Summer recommended Kole for his roster. Later down the road as Kole became a star, he was quickly drafted by a former enemy of Miss Kensington's, Mrs. Raine Dawson-Steele. Mrs. Steele had heard of the newcomers fast sucess and recriuted him quickly, knowing the training he had.

Kole Rose to the top very quickly in UCW. Taking on the Feds highest competitors in one single match and coming out victorious. Gaining two titles in the Federation, Kole got bored with the competiton and finally moved on with in a few short months.

Kole did nothing but hunt the streets of New York, continuing on his search for the murderers of his father. It was then Kole was approached by Little Jim of the APWO that he got back into wrestling. The Federation merged a time or two with local groups but then went solo and became a dominating corporation once again. Kole became the World Champion once the unmerge took place and remained an undefeated Champion even upon it's sudden closing just a few shorts months after. Leaving Kole the Last APWO World Heavy Weight Champion.

Now that the reopening of the Federation, Kole steps back into the ring to carry on where he left off.

Strengths: high endurance for pain, quick, and well in shape.

Weaknesses: tends to get a little too violent, lack of discipline, no remorse for injury and very unruly


1. Military Press Toss into Samoan Drop

2. Spine buster

3. Spinning Power slam

4. Hangman’s Neck breaker

5. Cobra Clutch Slam

6. Human Torture Rack into Hangman’s Neck breaker 7. Jumping Knee Smash

8. Clothesline

9. Half Nelson-Waist Lock Suplex

10. Dropkick

11. Flapjack Slam

12. Inverted Front Face lock Swinging Neck breaker

13. European Uppercuts

14. Belly-to-Back Crossed arms through legs suplex (Japanese Ocean Suplex)

15. Belly-to-Belly Brainbuster

16. Full Nelson Butt Drop

17. Implant DDT

18. Crucifix Powerbomb into DDT

19. Spinning Elbow Smash

20. Flying Leg Drop

21. Flying Swan-Dive Headbutt Drop

22. Tree of Woe – Spear Combination

23. Fireman’s Carry Face Breaker

24. Flying Back Elbow Smash (Off the top rope)

25. Fireman’s Carry Flapjack Slam

26. Double Leg Slam

27. Reverse Full Nelson Slam (Gas Mask Slam)

28. Reverse Russian Leg Sweep

29. Full Nelson Forward Russian Leg Sweep

Ring Entrance:

The Theme of "King of my World" begins as Kole comes from back stage.

Kole stands upon the ramp looking amongst the crowd. No smile, just an intense look upon his face. The screen shows various pictures of Kole working out and lifting weights. It also shows Kole applying the “Kole Chamber” amongst an opponent within his training facility and the opponent in server pain. Kole walks toward the ring with only his blue jeans and black military style boots. He steps up to the apron stepping over the top rope and standing with in the center of the ring.

Titles Held: UCW Deathmatch Champion/ UCW Ironman Champion/ APWO World Champion