The scene opens in a dark hotel room. The curtains are pulled, and there is no way of telling what time of day it is. The two beds are unmade, and as the camera pulls through the room, we see it is littered with cigarette butts and empty beer Bottles. The camera makes it to the other side of the room, where we see the APWO World Title under a pile of bottles. The APWO’s “former”, Champion Kole Chambers is sitting, and watching the telecasts of Total Carnage’s promo interview.

Sunday Night maybe a wake up call for me. Maybe I’ll underestimated Carnage. Maybe I’ll think I can win by my appearance alone. Carnage and that goon of a GM we have, Rodriguez may stand at the end of the night, with a T Shirt soaked in my blood as a trophy. He laughs sarcasticly to himself But you guys won’t get that win! However when I think about the evening, I see that I will do everything I said I was going to do. You see, I told you guys that I would beat you. I don’t have to put much thought into it. I’ve done it before; I’ll do it again. I’ll walk from the back, run into you two, and drag your sorry asses out to the ring and I will beat you!. Carnage, you’ll bleed, and lose, just like I said you would. I’ll put “Junior”, Mr. GM through a table, and before he can stand toe to toe with yours truly I’ll put him down just like his little tubby bitch of his. Carnage, You don’t want me choking your ass out, do you? You want your arm raised in victory? You better bring more than just yourself and Rodriguez with you. Because you’re going to pack it in. When I came to the APWO I decided to make a name for myself. The fact is Carnage, you may have gotten the Title once before, but that's it. Took home that "winners" share of the purse, but it stops here, Carnage. Make sure you have milked your win for all its worth. Promote your “has been victory” to the moon. Because you know what's coming next. The beating you took the last time we were in the ring was only the beginning. You didn't get the job done, and next time, I won't just pick you apart. Next time, I will beat you with everything I’ve got so that I can count on, not cause you respect me, but because I could care less about you. You see Carnage the last time we were in the ring, you were ready to quit. You could barely stand at the end of the night, and I was a man who came out ahead.

Chambers searches around the table, and finds a bottle with a little liquid left at the bottom, and downs it quickly.

Oh, Chrissy my boy, you and Carnage get together and think about what you’d like to try to show me. The Cocky GM gimmick doesn't suit you well and wont get the attention you wanted. Jaiden, however is just another wrestler in the middle of ring every week. When he decides to put up and stand in line and try to move up the food chain. I’ll respect him. You thought that joining up with the president is going to guarantee you a big spot around here? Your probably right. But unfortunately, there are consequences to your actions. You made a name for yourself Rodriguez, but that just happens to be on my list. You wanted to hear this interview, well here is it. Chrissy, you want to step into the big time, that's fine with me. But that big time starts and stops right here with Kole Chambers, I've taken bigger names than you, and made them where they don't show their face around me anymore. You don't just lose a match when you wrestle me, you lose your career. Let me tell you something Rodriguez. When you looked to the sky for your salvation did you look up for your inspiration? That wasn't divine light you saw there pretty, no no!! That's not what should've turned you into the person you think you are today, you see Rodriguez, that was simply the arena lights, causing you to picture me pounding the hearts out of every individual you place inside that squared circle with me.

Carnage, I've seen so many wrestlers be in the spot you’re looking at right now, and they never made it long enough to even be considered legends. I'm not the guy that makes a name for himself, Carnage, I’m the guy who will be out to destroy yours! You just can't cut it here, so you and your pretty boy Rodriguez better hope that something powerful stands in my way Sunday Night, because once APWO Forever airs and the Pay Per Views are all tallied in and every man, woman and child have been seated in their seats, Nothing and I mean Nothing..will be able to sensor the bloodshed I am going to deliver to you inside that ring.

Carnage if you plan on having anyone join you, I say “Good for you.” It could probably get you a few punches. But what it won't do is save you from tasting your own blood. It won't save you from the smell of your flesh burning as you feel the heat from my right fist, and it won't save you from a beating at the hands of the sickest world champion this federation has ever seen.

Chambers again looks over the table, and finds a only half smoked cigarette butt. He takes it to his mouth, and lights it, then exhales a big cloud of smoke. Flicking the butt to the ground with a sadistic smile.

I’ll be seeing you in the ring, Carnage…