It's your typical 100 degree weather on this Summer day of Thursday August, 12th. The sun pours it's radiance down upon the hot cement in the middle of San Antonio's city parks. You may often ask yourself why..

Why does our Champion, who obviously resides in New York, spend some much of his time down south. Could it be the nice weather, the gorgous women, the beautiful scenary, or perhaps A woman? All these questions will never be for certain, but however the case may be, Kole Chambers finds his way once again, to the beauty of the Texas Heartland.

Kids from young and old, play amongst the area; there you see swings, slides of all shapes and sizes, a few staionary wobble horses, and your everyday merry-go-round. As the children play, their parents rest along the edges of a bench, a few lawn blankets, and one who just happens to be sitting upon a wobble horse, drunker than your average 'Joe'.

You may ask... "Where's local authorities, when you need them?" Perhaps taken a doughnut break? Or busy ticketing a 'jay walker'? Either way, it's seems as tho our society has dropped to meaningless laws and government.

Walking along this paved entrance is a man we know quite well. His physical appearance is not quite as stunning as most, but his demeaner and well defiantness speaks louder than any GNC body sold on the local market. This man, this one person is none other than your APWO World Champion, Kole Chambers.

Chambers, with a small butt of a ciggarette between his lips trails a line of several joggers. His faded blue jeans, his not so gleamy, white t-shirt and those ever present Oakley glasses, make quite an impression on the older, "more mature" motherly parents that rest along the parkways.

He walks with out a care in the world, tho why should he? He's on top of the World and he knows it. He's untouchable, unstoppable and most importantly uncontrollable.

A small child, around the age of 8-9, notices the champ and begins making his way toward his direction. The boy, visibly seen, just happens to be wearing a navy blue "Foamy the Squirrel" shirt, his short little legs are rounded and plump and covered in dirt as it appears that the young lad had been playing in the sandbox.

Hiya Kole!! I used to watch you every Sunday night on Power Outage, I seen you wrestle and boy are you goooooood.

Flipping the butt of his ciggarette down upon the top of the little one's head, Kole manages to look down at the boy, lifting an eye brow in the process.

Ya, so..

The young man pats the ashes from the top of his head, whiping his obvious snotty little nose upon his chunky arm, smiling up at the champ.

Kole, how come you never carry your title belt around with you..My dad says you're not much of a champion unless you show off what you've earned.

Kole looks stunned by the remarks of this 8 year old boy, he turns to see if there's anyone around coaching him into his statements.

I bet your father's favorite wrestler was Richo Wallas too. he pauses Look kid, you don't need a piece of tin, a notarized piece of paper or even a championship ring, to prove you're the best. There's no reason to gloat, to brag or even to rub the stentch off a sweaty sock for people to notice who you are. It's what you don't do that makes you noticed

I'm that type of person..I don't carry my title, because I have nothing to prove to anyone. If they know me, they know me, if they don't..then they soon will. You see what I'm saying little man?

The young man nods his head, with a look of dissapointment upon his face.

So, you're not like the other champions? Almost with a slight tone of laughter in his voice, Kole looks to the kid and gives his famous half-grin.

Kid, I am who I am. Not everyone in this business is cut out for the things I do. Some show-boat, where others like to go on about how many times he/she has been a champion. Me, the less you know about me, the better off you are. Because the more one digs...the closer he gets to becoming just another "legend" on the list of my "victims". So do us both a little favor there chap.. he pauses as the kid looks up to him. The next time your Daddy tells you, it's better to 'show off' what you have earned than to know what you've done...punch him in the mouth and tell him, it's Kole's way off showing what you've earned.

The scene fades to the satisfied look upon Kole's face and the young boy's eyes growing wider by the second as his tiny little voice shouts...

Mommy...what time does Daddy get off work...

See your ass in the ring...Carnage!