[The scene]

The APWO Front Office, Approximate time: 12:56pm Tuesday February 1, 2005

The setting takes place with the lush green carpet on the 4th floor of the APWO building. From there the camera zooms out to show a mahogany colored desk with a set of voluptuious sheer stockings, clinging to the legs of the front office secretary.

Papers stacked high in the black wicker basket take up much of the space upon the upper right corner of the desk, as a small intercom sets to the left. The firery red colored fingertips of the young lady tap in rythym to the beat playing over the speakers which are plugged into the computer resting center upon the desk.

Landon Cage's office...

A deep voice rattles the young lady, as the camera pans from the desk to a broad shouldered man wearing a black t-shirt, and a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

The camera zooms further out and focuses upon the body of Kole Chambers. There he is shown with both arms crossed over his chest, glaring down upon the young woman with not even so much of a smile. The woman's eyes widen with the single step of Kole's body, as it moves closer to her desk.

Cage...Where is he?

Kole's enerous hands quitely slam foward and down upon the desk top as the young female scoots backwards in her rollerback, black leather chair.

Sir, Mr. Cage has not arrived yet; he is not to be expected, until later this afternoon, Would you like to make an appointment?

Kole leans back, sliding his palms across the top of the desk, and standing in an upright position.

What do I look like Lady, an auto salesman? I'm here to see Cage, and I'm not leaving until I do.

The young lady "sighs" pushing the small black button upon the intercom, the voice on the other end was mumbled and unable to make out.

From the side office a middle aged man emerges. His gray pin-striped suit and balding black hair well defined this business atmosphere.

I am Mr. Adams, may I be of assistance Mr....

Chambers... Kole Chambers. he pauses and you can assist me by getting Mr. Cage.

Mr. Adams nods his head, he takes a small step backwards, extending his left arm encouraging Kole to his office.

Please Mr. Chambers, come inside, Mr. Cage will be out for several hours, and I would hate to have you sit and wait for him. I may be able to help.

Kole rolls his eyes, shaking his head and entering Mr. Adams' office.

Now, how may I assist you Mr. Chambers? Josh Adams takes his seat behind his desk.

I want my match!! That "episode" with Claymore just doesn't fly with me. You "jerk offs" screwed me out of a decent match and Im here to collect one.

ah, yes... I can understand your position, Mr. Chambers, however Mr. Claymore is well.."inept" at this time.

Kole steps up to Mr. Adams' desk, placing his palms gently upon the black leather calander border and glaring hard with in Mr. Adams' face.

"Inept"? You mean the "Canvey Crippler" has hung up his final belt?

I am afraid so Mr. Chambers, his faculty put together a press conference today. He will be missed.

Kole shakes his head, looking rather disgusted. I guess "School" is out for the Summer. Kole snickers under his breath.

With all do respect Mr. Adams, I did not come here to get an obiturary tossed at my feet. I hate that his family is troubled with this loss, but it's nothing I will concern myself with. And if you think that I am going to forget what it was I came here for, you're sadly mistaken. This up coming match with Vic Tucker I have, WILL be my first match. Maybe it won't be his "last".

Kole now begins to walk toward the door, he places a hand upon the knob, looking back to Mr. Adams as he swings the door open.

You pass this to Mr. Cage for me... You let him know, Kole Chambers doesn't like being screwed with and if it continues, the front offices will be "dealing" with a VERY unruly man; a man on a mission, a man who won't stop, a man who will take and destroy anyone who gets in my way, and THE man who WILL be gunning for the GOLD!

The scene fades with the slamming sound of Mr. Adams' office door.


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