[ The Scene ] Ground Zero, New York (The destruction site of the twin towers)

[ Time ] Approx: 11pm Friday; February 11th

As the skylite from an overhead podium upon the streets of New York flicker to the droplets of mist. A man stands soley in a darken alley with a lit ciggarette in his mouth. He walks slowly down the path, stumbling upon an old dumpster trashed with graffiti. The man shakes his head, flickering the lit ciggarette inside the dumpster, turning around and leaning up against the side of a building.

It's moments like these that I begin to treasure. he pauses Kole slowly laughs in a deep tone. You want everything in life to be simple..to be arranged according to your plans. he pauses once again Well guess what Jimbo, life doesn't work that way. You don't always get what you want in life and nothing is prearranged for you, unless it's your funeral. he smiles. Nothing about life is simple, you work, you survive, you pay taxes, that is about as simple as you're going to get.

The man comes out from the darkness, revealing himself. He walks up to the flikering podium, placing his right hand against the base, leaning upon it.

Jimmy... You see these streets? Take a good look around, these streets are filled with false hopes, lost dreams and a future that is not so promising. he sighs..

These streets my friend are the streets I grew up in. This is my life Jimbo, I once had lost dreams, false hopes, and a future I would not be not proud of. But all of this is Who I am, it's What Kole Chambers is about. Kole slides his hand slowly down the base of the podium, he begins to walk along the side walk as the misty rain slowly stops.

There is no hidden agendas with me Jim, I do not pre-occupy my time with more than I have to. I don't worry about what others think of me, I don't care if I am respected or hated in this world. I am not out to impress any damn body, and I sure as hell don't care if anyone wants to make friends.

Kole now walks up to where an "American" flag was swaying to the bursts of wind as he nods his head and continues.

Freedom... That is what this flag stands for, the freedom to be who you want, to say/do what you want..and to believe what you want. he pauses Jim, You may or may not be an American, but you can believe what you want when you say "You'll just be an after-dinner mint a pit-stop on my way to becoming the Roughkut Tournament Champion." Because even in a Fantsy World such as yours, You are allowed to believe...

Kole now stands with his arms folded across his chest, smiling up to the flag.

Keep believing Jimbo, that I am nothing more than an appitizer to your main course he pauses It's going to be even "sweeter" when I turn this match into a meal YOU nor anyone else watching will ever forget.

Kole unfolds his arms, he reaches inside his pants pocket pulling out a smoke, lighting it up and placing it to his lips.

I am a hungry man Jim... and you don't even begin to satisfy me. So bring what you think you have after your "other" engagement because...I won't stop Jim...I will not stop until I'm satisfied.

Scene fades to black