[The scene]

The Pit, Albuquerque, NM, Approximate time: 11:56pm Sunday February 6, 2005

The camera zooms in to an unexpected guest. Reporters, local news cast and several by-standers all stand in shock. From the backstage area to the parking deck of "The Pit" Kole Chambers leaves a trail of devastation. Broken glass, ripped posters and parafenilia commence the flooring in this surrounding area. Blood stains smear the walls and area trash cans as we witness the monstrosity.

Yo, Essay... something da madda whicha? The voice of a concerned by-stander echoes through out the vacinity as the madness continue.

Trash cans fly pass several people as screams from young children and women can be heard. The camera quickly shifts into position, catching the story as its revealed. The dingy blue demin from a pair of jeans was the first to capture the camera's view. From there, the military style boots attached to the obvious person was shown kicking several aluminum cans. As the camera traces each step, it now proceeds to zoom in on the upper portion of Kole Chambers. His traditional black t-shirt appeared to have been ripped, veins in the biceps of Kole's arm are strainfully visible. The camera captures in on the bloodied knuckles of his hands as it quizically captures his angried face.


A quick shove sends the camera man back several inches. By-standers look on in amazement as Albuquerque's finest comes driving to the scene.

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!! an officer shouts.

Kole's large frame comes to a stand still. His eyes squint with anger, yet a sardonic grin forms along his face.

And if I refuse.... Kole's body turns slowly now, facing the officer in question.

Kole now walks slowly toward the officers with the same sardonic look upon his face. The officer's draw their weapons; Kole continues on.

HAULT!!! Or we'll shoot!

Shoot an unarmed man? Kole's arms are now out to his sides, tho he continues to walk toward the officers. Both officers look to eachother and back to Kole. They lower their weapons and Kole stops.

Nice to know, things have not changed.

The voice of a female is heard, as the sound of heels "click" louder across the concrete.

Chambers, so nice to see you again; seems like dejavu doesn't it? The camera zooms in to Kole's reaction, as he is confronted by this woman.

What are you doing here?

The woman steps infront of the camera, obviously with her back towards it. The camera zooms in to capture the slender, very curvasious body of this young woman. Her long blonde hair draped down upon her shoulders, however the camera kept focus upon the black leather outfit and what it half-assed covered.

Looks like I am about to save your ass once again from another lengthy jail term.

The woman steps infront of Kole, glaring upon each of the officers.

Officer, I am sorry for this outburst. The woman points to Kole. He is just a little upset; he lost an important match tonight. He means no one any harm. I will personally take full responsibilty for his actions if they continue.

The officers nod their head after looking upon eachother with a smile. The woman continues to stand, watching on as they get into their car and drive away. The woman slowly turns toward the camera as she places her hand infront of her face.

You get my face on camera and your family will be picking the color of your casket.

The camera lowers now, focusing upon Kole.

Now that this is settled, would you mind explaining what the hell you think you were doing? The camera catches a glimpse of the woman as she approaches Chambers.

These Bastards.... he is quickly cut off by the woman's voice. These Bastards what Kole... Screwed you?... The woman pauses Well, Welcome to the world of politics, Kole. You'll be needing alot of KY in the future, so get used to the "Ass Fucking".

Kole begins to walk directly into the face of the woman, glaring down at her with an evil stare.

Your sarcasm does not impress me. Kole begins to point his finger into the young lady's face.

Glaring up into Kole's eyes, The woman's hand reaches up toward Kole's as the camera tries to zoom into her face.

And your mannerism will not scare me, so I suggest you remove that finger from my face and listen to what I am about to tell you.

The camera fails to capture the woman's facial appearance. but zooms in on the cocky smile of Kole Chambers; He snickers to himself, lowering his hands to his side, stepping back and turning to the opposite direction.

You obviously do not know who I am.

The woman's arm extends out while she grabs the back of Chambers' black t-shirt. And you obviously forgot who the hell I am. Kole now turns his head back slowly, glaring down at the woman's hand and back to her. He snacthes his shirt out of her hands with a pull of his shoulder. He turns around glaring at the woman with anger in his eyes.

Now that I have your attention, let's get a few things straight shall we? First off, You do not come storming out of any arena, bashing your fists into walls and slinging trash cans in public. Kole looks on with some what of an attitude as he stands crossing his arms over his chest.

Secondly, you do not stand up to cops when they have guns pointed in your face. Kole rolls his eyes and begins to walk away.

and lastly... and this is the most important, You DO NOT walk away from me when I am talking to you. Kole continues to walk.

The woman stands now with her hands upon her hips, shaking her head and allowing Kole to make it to the door of his '65 Dodge Charger.


Kole's hand had just opened the driver's side door, he stops looking back to the woman, who now approaches him, slamming the door to his car.

What the hell did you just say?

You heard me, I said you're punking out of this situation. Never let anyone see your anger like that. You show weakness when you can not handle a loss.

I DID NOT LOSE... I was SCREWED!! Noone told me my match was changed.

Kole slams the palm of his hand into the rooftop of his car; the woman looks on shaking her head.

It was a loss none the less Chambers. Staff does not always have to tell you when things change. That's the politics you face. What you should have done was be prepared for the unexpected. NEVER trust your superiors. You take what you're given and make it work for you.

I was not prepare...

he is quickly cut off.

Prepared for what Kole... the chance to examine your opponent? Kole, Listen to me...They caught you off guard ok, threw you off course to see what you are made of. They fear you Chambers. They are searching for a weakness; something to slow you down she pauses for a moment, lowering her head and shaking it. and I am afraid you just showed them what they wanted to see.

Kole swings open the car door, sliding inside, slamming the door shut.

They have not seen anything, the only thing going off course will be their heads, the next damn time I step into the ring. So they best be giving their soul to someone, because their asses belong to me!

The scene slowly fades to a midnight blue Dodge Charger squealing tires, leaving the arena in reverse.

That went well..... The woman mumbles her name under her breath while an evil laugh is heard as the camera goes to static.