The scene fades in as the APWO cameras take you inside the "New Breed" training facility.

From there the camera shifts all around the area catching glimpses of each work out bench, each universal gym, and various weight benches and a wrestling ring.

Upon the four walls of this facility are pictures of the founding members of New Breed. (Summer Kensington-Hurst, Steven "Hunter" Hurst, and GYON ) The camera pans around the area filming various men and woman in training.

Upon one which is captured, Kole Chambers is shown laying upon a weight bench. His muscled arms, folded behind his neckline as if he were asleep. His eyes closed, but not soundly tight, he breathes at a constant pace as the cameras zoom in just as he opens his eyes.

What the hell do you morons want now?

a young strawberry blonde, woman steps into the picture, she has long slender legs and a very curvacious figure. She stands along the side of Chambers as he slowly leans foward from off the bench.

Mr. Chambers, my name is Veronica Strozier and I work for the Dallas Times, I would like to ask you a few questions if you could spare the time?

Kole being a typical male, glares up and down Miss Veronica's slender body while sitting in an upright position.

It's your time you're waisting hunny, waist away..

Mr. Chambers... she is quickly cut off in mid sentence by Kole. Mr. Chambers is dead hunny...You will call me Kole.

Miss Veronica nods her head in a professional manner as she continues

Kole, you've had quite a career boost in the APWO, have you not? From your first signing you have impressed the stock holders as well as a few members of staff by reaching the top in just a few short months, how do you feel about that?

Impressed?...I don't give a damn about impressing anyone. My sucsess has nothing to do with impression, I made it to the top, because I am the best.

Miss Veronica smiles and continues with the interview.

Kole, Now that you hold the APWO World Title, what other titles if any are you going to persue?

Why should I persue anything else? I hold the highest Title, Why would I want to lower my standards and make the rest of the roster look like idiots? Kole steps off the bench, walking toward the water fountian.

So you're saying Kole, that you are over qualified for the rest of the titles in the APWO? Kole leans up from the fountian, looking strangly at the woman.

What I am saying little lady, is that I already hold the highest title and I am not planning on giving it up anytime soon.

Kole, you have been sighted as a recent body guard to Aaron Simms, by one of the Hurst family, namely Colton Hurst, is it true, Aaron's family put you on a payroll for his protection?

Kole gives a sinister laugh, while gazing around the area shaking his head.

You know, even tho that punk's mother just happens to be a thorn in my side, Colton Hurst's alligations are false. I am on nobody's pay roll, and I am not out to help any of the little bastards in this business. I have my reasons for doing what I did and that reason was not Aaron Simms. If anything, they should be questioning the little brats themselves, I was not the only one out there last week.

Speaking of the Hurst family, What exactlly is your relationship with Mrs. Hurst?

Kole stands with a disgusted look upon his face, he pushes past Miss Veronica and heads toward the fron door.

Bitch, you've got to be joking..

The scene fades to black.